How to Update Microsoft Solitaire Collect & Benefits of Playing It

Microsoft Solitaire has been the most popular game on the windows since its launch. Since then, it has been widespread. Then came the Windows 10, and with the new Free Online Solitaire collection launched. It was part of Windows 8 and 8.1 as well. But primary here we are going to guide through. The updates and issue-resolving process related to Microsoft solitaire collection. If you like to play solitaire collection, and then if you are facing any issue this blog is for you. We are going to tell you everything about you. So, next time you face problems like the game is not opening or gets crashed in the middle of paying. Here we are going to provide a step by step solution in different ways. We are sure one of them will help you to resolve the issue.
Microsoft Solitaire

Updating the OS

This is the first essential thing you need to do. It is direct not connected to the issue, but there is no harm in trying it. Check your operating system updates. The one thing you can be sure by known if the windows are up to date. So, to do it Open setting, then to Go windows update option. There check for update. If there is an update then do it. When you click on it, windows will take some time to it. After updating it, check the solitaire collections. If it is working, then you do not need to do anything else. If it is not, then we are going to follow the next solution for a smooth Microsoft solitaire gameplay.

Checking the Updates of Apps

Now, after checking out the updates for the operating system. You need to check if the Solitaire app updated. Yet, it does not receive frequent updates, but it would be good if you check it every once in a while. To-Do it, first go to the windows store. There it would be best if you headed to downloads. You will see the option of Check for updates. After it, windows will check if there is an update or not. If there is an update for solitaire collection then the issue will get solved. But if not, then move onto another solution.

Clearing out the Windows Store Cache

Now, this is not related to any repair of solitaire, but still, it’s a step you can check out. To do it come to the home screen. Preen the windows, and R. A run dialog will open. There type Wsreset.exe and click enter. Windows will take some time to clear the cache. Now you can check Microsoft solitaire collection to see if it is running correctly. However, before you run the game, it would be good if you restart your computer . after testing out all these steps, your computer needs a fresh start.

Resetting The Solitaire Collection

Now, we will focus on the main thing. What if you reset the Microsoft solitaire collection. Then maybe you will see if it is working correctly or not. Go to settings, then system. Click on it. After it goes to Apps & features, there you will see Microsoft solitaire collection. Click it; then, you will see the advance. You will Reset button. Now the collection is reset. Reboot your computer. Now, It should definitely run smoothly. If it’s still not working, there we have the last one process to resolve it.
Uninstalling and Install Microsoft Solitaire collection
We can use this feature as a last resort. However, be careful about it; otherwise, it may not get applied. Open the Start menu, type PowerShell in the search bar. Then when the PowerShell comes, choose it. Type this into the bar – “Get-AppxPackage *solitaire collection* | Remove-AppxPackage”. When the command is successfully done, it will get uninstalled.
After it. you need to again install Microsoft solitaire collection from the windows store. Go To the windows store then install it again. See if is working or not.
Benefits Of Playing Solitaire | Update Microsoft Solitaire
Now, we come to one other thing which is equally essential for the player. What benefits you get when you spend hours playing it. We researched it and found a few things are really great. The first benefits are excellent which is related to memory function. It would help if you remembered your strategy while playing solitaire. So this is why it’s essential. They can help your short term brain as well as long term brain memory and cognitive functions.
Then for senior citizens. The most significant benefits are about using their motor skills. They need to move their hands, Keep focusing and it all leads to better Enhancing motor skills.
So, there is information about Microsoft solitaire collection. And the benefits of playing it. I hope you are going to get enjoyment it.