Microsoft Solitaire collection | Play Solitaire | Check Fixes and Updates

Solitaire has always been a part of Microsoft. Appear first on Windows 3, since then solitaire become hugely popular. From simple drag and drop to get the new feature,  free solitaire is always there in Microsoft Windows.

So, In this blog, first, we will learn how to check for updates in Microsoft free solitaire collection.  Then we will look at some problem; you might get while trying to play free solitaire.

We hope this will prove useful To you.

How to update the Microsoft solitaire collection


The reason for updating the app is to keep the game free from bugs. When a version of solitaire gets old, it may behave irrationally. Since it’s free solitaire, you need to update to use the latest feature of the games regularly.


These updates keep the games fix known problems, and to run the app smoothly with the operating system.

To check for the latest update, open windows store.  Sign in to your account.


Click on the search bar to search, Type the name of the name, Microsoft solitaire collection. Click enter. Now  The list of the game will appear. Select the Solitaire collection. Now, a page will appear, if Microsoft free solitaire online collection is updated, then no tab will appear.


If the game is not updated, then a window of the update will appear. Click on it to start to update the game. There is an alternative way to update the game.  Open the store again, then sign into your account. Select settings from the right swipe of the window.

In settings, select apps. An option will appear about if you want to update the apps automatically or manually. Select one according to your preferences.


To play free solitaire on Microsoft, you need to have an Xbox account. If you have an Xbox account, then if you do not have an account, follow the steps to sign in with Xbox account.

Creating an Xbox account


Before you create an Xbox account, make sure you have a Microsoft account. They both will get a link to complete the process. Let’s start the process. Click the windows tab on your keyboard. Then type Xbox, an Xbox companion application will appear. Click on it.


Now, open the Xbox app, after some time, an Xbox live screen will be displayed. If you see the welcome back, Then you already have Xbox account. Otherwise, follow the next steps.


Click next to begin the setup account process. Now it will ask you to create a unique Xbox Gamertag. It is also your username. If you do not want to choose a gamer tag, Xbox will suggest one, select it.
Don’t worry; you can change it again in the next 30days.


After choosing the name, it will ask you the choose gamerpic for the profile. It is a logo which will be shown to others and as your gamerpic. After you create your account, you can change it later, so do not worry about it right now. Click on next. Then click on, let’s play to complete the process.


Now you have updated the Microsoft solitaire collection, but for some reason, the game has stopped working. There are various reasons for this bug when you are not able to play the game. We have some methods to fix the issue. Follow these steps, in case the game stopped working.

Checking for Operating system update

Windows provides regular updates to Windows 10. Sometimes it’s related to security or OS updates. These updates are required to operate the windows without any bugs.

There may be a reason; your free solitaire is not working because of an update issue. So we need to check for the latest updates for your operating system.


To check for updates, click on the windows button. Search for the settings option. Click on it. A new window of settings will appear, again search for windows updates. Go to update & security, then click on check for updates. Now the operating system is looking for any updates from Microsoft. If there appears an update, update it. If not, we will move to the next solution.

Repair the app

If the solitaire application is corrupted by any means, repairing it would be a good option.  For fixing it, click on the windows button, open the settings. You will every kind of setting, so look for Apps. Then apps & features. Select the Microsoft free solitaire collection.


An option of advance setting will appear, click on it. A new page will appear. It has some information, details about the app. Select repair from the options. Wait till it gets repaired. Then open and see if the issue is resolved.

Reset the app


Press Windows+I on your keyboard. A system setting tray will appear. Choose system.  Look for apps & feature option. Choose it. Scroll down, then look for Microsoft solitaire collection. Click on it, then see advanced options. An option of reset is present there. Click the reset button. Follow the instruction to reset the Microsoft free solitaire collection.


After resetting, Open the solitaire again to check if the problem is fixed. If the problem is fixed,  congrats, otherwise let’s move to the next solution.

Uninstalling and installing Microsoft solitaire collection.

Uninstalling the entire Microsoft solitaire collection might solve your problem. So let us try the method.

Open the menu, search for PowerShell. It will appear as Microsoft PowerShell. Click on it. Make sure you enable it to run as administrator enable. To do, click on PowerShell with right click. Click on the run as administrator.


Now a command prompt will appear. Type this command Get-AppxPackage *solitaire collection* | Remove-AppxPackage*, click enter.

Now, wait till PowerShell execute the command. Do not try anything else, while it is running; When it is complete, The Microsoft solitaire collection will be uninstalled from your computer.

Close PowerShell, Restart your Oc again. When the computer is restarted, Check to confirm if the solitaire collection is removed.

For installing again, head to windows store, install it again to see if the issue is fixed.
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