For those people who love card games, they know playing Free Solitaire Online is a treat. A simple game with variation, so you never tired of it. But sometimes the same players want to know what are the card games out there which you can play offline as well online. We had the same query as well. We searched on the internet and asked some players as well. It depends upon you what you will like. One more thing, we will tell you about the game only. You and your friends should learn the gameplay. First, we will talk about some of the best variations of Solitaire games. Then we will move on to the original card games.

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Accordion Solitaire Card Game

We will start with an accordion which is a natural type of Solitaire to check out. The cards are out from left to right. The cards form with single deck cards. The objective of the game is simple; you pile all the cards in one stack. If you are playing it online, then it will be similar to free online solitaire games. You can match cards only from the left. One more thing, you need to know the sequence as well in the rows. Let’s take an example to understand it better. You have Nine of clubs, in the second row you can put it on Nine of hearts. Keep practicing it and soon you will become a master of it.

Devil’s Grip

Now, the first thing you need to have at least 96 cards to play this game. It is again a unique variation ofFree online solitaire games. It means you will need two decks of cards to play it. The objective is quite unusual. You will need to stack the cards as per the suits. When you are creating a pile, they should be built in a specific manner. Now, the top row should consist of 2,5,8 and jack. There will be eight piles.

The middle row needs to be in 3,6,9 and Queen. In the end, the bottom pile will consist of 4,7,10 and King. You may think it is challenging, but when you are playing it, it becomes easy.
When you begin dealing with the cards, it will look like a mess, but soon everything begins to fall into line. Begin pile the cards, then repeat the process until you get the cards as we have described in the upper, middle and bottom row. Soon either you will run out of moves or won the games. There is nothing else to see.

Crazy Eights

We will begin with an easy one. Crazy eights should be on top of your list when you are choosing a card game for two players. It is shedding type card game, having many versions like Mau Mau and Switch. Now comes the question of how to play it. Well, we will try to describe it, but when you get the game, make sure they read the instructions as well. Now, Let’s see. First deal five cards face down to each player. The remaining cards will be put in the middle of the table. Now, The deals will turn the card on the stockpile.

If the players want, the dealer can shuffle the card, reveal the top card. Now players will look at their card. The objective of the game is simple. Whoever gets rid of the cards first, wins the game. If there are more than two players, then the gameplay will run in Clockwise order. Now every player has to match the card or increase its value. The next players follow it, and the game goes on. Till the one players get left empty the game is played. Maybe it won’t feel like playing free Solitaire online. You and your friends will love it.


Again, we are going to tell you about an easy game. The Slapjack is easy to play and simple to learn. It is a classic game to try out. You won the game by slapping down jack on the players. First, you deal the cards, and then you begin slapping the cards. The first player who slap the jack takes all the cards beneath them.

So, these are the two card games you can try if you are bored of playing Free Online Solitaire . We are sure you will love both games.