So, you are getting bored with Solitaire. It is the issue. You can’t think of any other card game to play online or offline. There are many versions of free online solitaire games, but at one point in time, you want to try out something else. This is why today, we wanted to share a few of the best card games for you. We have researched it well and then putting it out here. They may be few, but be assured you will certainly enjoy them. Let’s begin.

Taco vs. Burrito | Card Games

No, it is not a food card game, as suggested by the name. It is actually a strategic card game to check out with food ingredients. Designed for kids and teenagers, it is a perfect game to their memory, min, deduction, and strategic skills. You should know a kid named Alex Butler designs the set. So, you can understand how fun it is going to be. The game is suitable for two to four players. The gameplay could run to 10 to 15 minutes.

Card Games

You begin by Dealing five cards to each player. The remaining cards will put in the middle of the table or wherever you are playing. When the player drew their card, they had to include a burrito or taco as well to increase the value of a mean or add tummy access to decrease the value.  There is a health inspector as well to check outdishes, so be aware. This is the basic gameplay.

You can buy the game on Amazon. There will be an instruction page as well, make sure to read it. Now let’s move on to other games.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

You may think this is not a real game. But when you got to know the fact about begin sold 8 million copies. You can bet about its popularity. People who love kittens may not be able to play the game. There are explosion kitten, laser beams, and goats as well. As Bizarre as it gets, the fun increases as well. It even grabbed an award “ Game of the Year.”

Now, how to play is unique here. So, you distribute the cards. After, every player begins to draw the cards. If you draw an exploding kitten, well, you are out of the game now. Sad, How you will save yourself and the kitten. Well, there are defuse cards as well to make sure you escape the attack. In the defuse cards, the Exploding kitten has things like catnip Sandwiches, Kitten yoga, and Laser pointers. But these two are not the only cards you need to play. There will be other cards to help you. Like, you want to skip your turn, find the card.

The game is available on Amazon to buy. Make sure to read the instruction manual to understand Exploding kitten fully.

So, these are the two unique Card games you can check out if you are tired of playing free solitaire online. We are sure you will love them both. One is about food strategy, and the other is a kitten.