Whenever you want to play classic games on android, there is no way you can not mention solitaire. It is such a popular game; It has been performed all over the world. However, the main reason behind it would the Microsoft operating system. From the first version of launching in 90s till now, it has been released with every OS release. However today, we have migrated from Laptops & Pc to our smartphone. There are many free online solitaire games to play, about which we will talk. There is two primary OS in smartphones: Ios and Android. We will talk about both.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection | Best Solitaire Games

There is no way; we could not talk about this. Today, the most popular app on the smartphone to play Free Online Solitaire on any smartphone. It is the authentic version of the famous classic game. Everyone is familiar with it. If you use windows 10, then maybe you are already familiar with it. There are five different versions of this app. They are Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Tripeaks and Pyramid. So, if you have played them for long enough, you would know, every one of them is different. In Klondike, there is Vegas Style Scoring, if you are up for a challenge. In Spider Solitaire there are eight Columns of cards; as you know, the goal is to clear them. The minimum moves you use,  the better your score will be. There are victory animations as well, So you will get cheered up upon winning.

Best Solitaire Games

Tri-Peaks Solitaire Story 

The thing is Microsoft Solitaire versions are Too straight. However, if you want a twist in the games, then try tri peak Solitaire. It is such an excellent game. It is a combination of Pyramid Solitaire and Golf. The animation is good; if you have kids, they will like the game. The goal is to clear the board. You will see, there is base card below. Then you need to pick a card, which could be higher or lower from it. If you can’t find a move, click on Deck to get another card.  Basically it is a puzzle game inspired by Solitaire and its elements. There are many strategies, thus increasing the difficulty. You will have a good time when you play it. Now let’s move onto next game.

The Churchill Solitaire

If you are even a little bit interested in History, You must have known about Winston Churchill. The late British prime had designed a solitaire game. We must tell you that this is far tougher than the regular version of Solitaire, you will play. As soon as you download the game and play it, you will notice the difference. There are two decks with an extra stack of cards. The Goal is same, Clear the board. But it is not easy to play. However, there are three versions in the game, and the basic one is only free. If you want to play all of them, then you need to buy the App.

Pair Solitaire

As we have said earlier, the goal is simple. Clear the Board. Here in Pair Solitaire, there is a full deck of 52 Cards in a single Column.  The only way to clear the Board is Either by Pair of cards. You can do it by Suit or Value. When you remove a single card, There are new cards to get matched. So, when it happens, there will be a lot of opportunities and Possibilities. The Score is counted by how many cards you have removed.

So, these are some of the  Solitaire games you can try on the internet. We are sure you will love every one of them.